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Construction is a dangerous industry and leads to many catastrophic injuries and fatalities every year. Because of the severity of the injuries, victims often lose weeks or months from work and may be permanently disabled. At The Jasmer Law Firm in Chicago, we help clients who were injured while on a road or building construction site.

Building Your Claim After a Construction or Industrial Accident

No matter the cause of your injuries, we can answer your questions about construction accidents and help you pursue compensation for your injuries. We assist with both third-party personal injury claims, and we can help you get the compensation you need through workers' compensation.

We understand that construction accidents can result in significant brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and multiple fractures. Moreover, construction workers are not the only victims; passersby or motorists driving in highway construction zones are equally vulnerable. Skyscrapers can be especially dangerous and require extra efforts to keep workers safe to avoid falls and other fatal accidents.

Construction accidents can occur because of negligence by contractors or subcontractors. They can happen because of defective machinery and equipment. Workers can be injured because they were not issued proper safety equipment.

There are numerous causes of construction accidents, and our law firm investigates thoroughly. We consult with engineers, safety experts, and others who can help us understand how the accident occurred and who was responsible. We also work with medical specialists who can describe the impact of the accident on our client's life, work, and family.

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