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The Jasmer Law Firm is one of the premier personal injury law firms in the country. We obtain exceptional results for our clients and have a proven track record of success. When it comes to personal injury, The Jasmer Law Firm sets the standard.

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The Jasmer Law Firm is a pioneering leader in personal injury law. We've exposed driver fatigue's role in truck collisions, using innovative techniques to prove driver sleepiness caused severe incidents. David S. Jasmer's expertise shaped medical negligence law, addressing lost records claims and aiding malpractice victims. In a significant product liability case, he influenced the Illinois Supreme Court on medical device warnings, achieving key legal innovations in product liability, medical malpractice, and truck crash cases.

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Attorney David S. Jasmer


Attorney David S. Jasmer

David S. Jasmer began his career in personal injury law under the guidance of his father, Frederick D. Jasmer, a highly esteemed mentor and pioneer in the field. Working as a law clerk at his father's top-tier Michigan firm, David gained invaluable experience. His father's firm was notable for achieving Michigan's first million-dollar settlement and securing verdicts and settlements worth tens of millions of dollars.

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$30 Million Settlement For a man burned over 95% of his body in propane gas explosion.

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