Construction Site Falls Injury Lawyer in Chicago, IL

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we can help you after a serious construction fall. Attorney David Jasmer has more than 17 years of experience representing clients in the Chicago area who have suffered serious injuries in falls. Our legal team can provide you with the experienced representation and resources you need to secure compensation after a construction accident.

Why Work With The Jasmer Law Firm

workers climbing a pillar at a construction site

Why Work With The Jasmer Law Firm

Paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and loss of a limb are just a few of the major, catastrophic injuries you can suffer in a fall. If you have suffered an injury in a fall, it is vital that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your health is of the utmost importance.

After you seek medical attention, or if you lost a loved one in a construction fall, you should seek advice from an experienced attorney. You want a lawyer on your side who understands construction sites and who can thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident.

We recently handled a case involving a 54-year-old woman slipping and falling down a flight of stairs. As a result of that accident, she was rendered an incomplete quadriplegic. In that case, within weeks, we secured a $1 million out-of-court settlement for our client, the maximum amount available under the defendant's insurance policy.

To speak with a lawyer about your fall, call The Jasmer Law Firm: at 312-386-7011 or 866-920-6021.

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Common Causes of Falls on Construction Sites

We help ironworkers, electricians, plumbers, painters, and other individuals who have suffered serious injuries from falls, including falls from scaffolding, ladders, and other heights. Some common causes of these types of falls include:

  • Defective equipment such as scaffolding
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Unguarded holes in floors with no rail or toehold
  • Unstable structures and improper scaffold construction
  • Misuse of ladders
  • Lack of safety equipment or procedures

No matter the cause, we can help you understand your claim and pursue compensation from any negligent third parties who are responsible.

Speak With a Construction Fall Attorney

Our personal injury attorneys are here to represent your accident claims stemming from construction site falls. No two falls are exactly the same; our team stands ready to help you recover the maximum compensation for your injuries. Call the Jasmer Law Firm today for your free consultation at 312-386-7011 or 866-920-6021.

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If you are interested in setting up a time to meet with attorney David Jasmer in our downtown Chicago office, please get in touch We don't collect attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you.