Jan 29, 2023

Hair Testing to Check for Drug Use Coming for Truck Drivers?

Semi truck driver

When we are out on Illinois roadways, we have to trust that other motorists will not do anything that threatens our safety. If they make any maneuvers that increase the risk of an accident, we may do our best to put a safe distance between the two vehicles.

In some cases, the drivers of these vehicles may be impaired by drugs or alcohol. This is especially dangerous when they are behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer. When truck drivers are impaired, the potential for a trucking accident increases dramatically.

Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) put two Illinois trucking companies out of service due to their failure to implement random drug and alcohol testing for their drivers, along with other serious safety violations. These companies are no longer allowed to operate until all of the violations have been corrected.

The agency is also taking a closer look at some of the methods being used by trucking companies to check for drug or alcohol use by truck drivers. There are specific requirements in place to screen those who apply for these positions as well, and there may be changes coming to those rules.

The FMSCA is considering using hair tests to check for illegal drug use because these tests are much more accurate than urine tests. The hair testing is used solely to spot illegal drugs because it is not as effective at detecting alcohol use. Urine tests remain the preferred method of screening applicants for alcohol.

If the agency mandates hair testing, it may lead to the removal of unsafe truck drivers from the roads. Some companies have already implemented hair testing for their employees and applicants in addition to tests that would screen for alcohol use. These procedures have helped them eliminate those drivers who may place others at risk due to alcohol or drug use.

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