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Located in the heart of Chicago, the Jasmer Law Firm is one of the nation's premier truck collision law firms. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys are known for thorough investigations, cutting-edge techniques, and phenomenal legal results. 

The Jasmer Law Firm has obtained over $85 million in verdicts and settlements, including multiple million-dollar results in truck accident cases. The firm's principal, lawyer David S. Jasmer, helped achieve a record-shattering $20 million settlement for a young woman who was paralyzed from the waist down as the result of a collision with an 80,000 pound UPS semi tractor-trailer-a case which set the gold standard for truck crash litigation. 

If you have been injured in a truck accident or have lost a loved one in a truck accident, contact our firm for free information regarding your potential case.

A Recognized Leader in Trucking Accident Cases

A Recognized Leader in Trucking Accident Cases

As a recognized innovator in truck crash litigation, the Jasmer Law Firm leads the way in fighting truck companies that put unsafe drivers behind the wheel. Our firm was instrumental in exposing the role of driver fatigue in truck collisions. We also pioneered the use of discovery techniques to show that a crash resulting in death or catastrophic injury was caused by a truck driver falling asleep at the wheel.

Our intimate understanding of the issues in truck crash litigation—and our painstaking investigation of the facts of each case—are the keys to our success. Our extensive experience allows us to determine and prove the real cause of a truck collision, whether that cause is driver fatigue, drug or alcohol intoxication, improper loading, poor truck maintenance, faulty equipment, defective truck design, or simple driver error.

Our in-depth knowledge of truck accidents and analytical acumen have repeatedly yielded incomparable results. We are skilled at uncovering trucking companies' violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that govern the trucking industry and exposing attempts by truck drivers to falsify their log books. We have led the way in showing the effect of cell phone usage, and onboard computers distract drivers' attention, resulting in crashes.

Unique Knowledge. Thorough Investigation. Exceptional Results.

Proving Negligence in Trucking Cases

Truckers and transportation companies are often negligent. And we can prove it. We know what trucking company records to get, how to get them, and what to do with them to achieve success. Once we accept a truck accident case, we immediately subpoena all pertinent records before they are "lost" or destroyed, and work with experts to prove negligence.

Gathering Evidence

Time and again, we have successfully resolved truck accident cases by using drivers' logs, truck maintenance records, drivers' cell phone records, drivers' employment history records, black box evidence, and other records to show that a truck company violated multiple federal regulations. 

Using the Right Experts

Our success in handling truck accident claims also results from our strategic use of experts. In addition to working with medical experts and experienced accident reconstructionists, we work with high-level scientific experts. In a recent case involving driver fatigue, Mr. Jasmer has assembled a team of the top sleep disorder and trucking experts in the country to show the impact of driver exhaustion.

Expert Understanding of Illinois Trucking Law

With nearly three decades of experience in Illinois trucking law, the Jasmer Law Firm offers expert advice and assistance in resolving your trucking accident case. From FMCSA rules and DOT accident trends to product recalls and relevant state and federal statutes our knowledge of the trucking industry, The Jasmer Law Firm stands ready to fight for you after a trucking accident.

Need a Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer? Call the Jasmer Law Firm

We handle all truck accident cases on a contingency fee basis and are conveniently located in downtown Chicago across from City Hall and the Daley Center Courthouse. We don't collect attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you. 

To contact our firm, call 312-386-7011.

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$20 Million Settlement Record-setting result in Illinois, for a 23-year-old woman rendered paraplegic in a truck collision with a UPS semi-tractor trailer.

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Other Truck Accident Case Results

The Jasmer Law Firm is one of the premier truck collision law firms in the country. Here are just some of our recent victories in trucking accident cases:

  • The Jasmer Law Firm attained a partial settlement of $1.3 million for a young man who was profoundly brain injured when his car was struck by a U-Haul rental truck; the settlement was with the non-essential parties, and the case continues against U-Haul. 

  • The Jasmer Law Firm won a verdict of nearly $1 million for the estate of an elderly man who was killed in a rear-end van collision. 

  • Recently, after successfully making out a case for punitive damages against a truck company for negligent hiring/entrustment in a multi-vehicle collision with an 18-wheel semi-tractor-trailer, The Jasmer Law Firm was able to settle the case for a confidential amount. 

Overall, Mr. Jasmer has helped achieve over $85 million in verdicts and settlements.

Meet David S. Jasmer, Founder of the Jasmer Law Firm

Meet David S. Jasmer, Founder of the Jasmer Law Firm

Mr. Jasmer comes from a family of lawyers, including judges, law professors, prosecutors, leading trial attorneys, and even his grandmother, the first licensed female attorney in Michigan. Mr. Jasmer grew up thinking about how to help victims of negligence from an early age, a subject which he debated with his family virtually every night at the dinner table. That sparked his interest and instilled in him the mission to champion the rights of the injured.

David S. Jasmer got his start in personal injury by working for many years as a law clerk for his father, Frederick D. Jasmer, his greatest mentor, who had the premier personal injury law firm in Michigan (FDJ obtained the 1st million-dollar settlement in the State's history and attained tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements).

Mr. Jasmer is happily married with children. He and his family live in Chicago.

  • The University of Michigan Law School- JD, 1996 Top 5 Law School

  • Michigan State University- BA, English 1993

  • Intern for Judge Joyce Hens Green U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Washington, D.C.

  • Licensed Attorney in Illinois November 1996 - present 13 years in practice

  • Licensed to practice in state and federal court, including U.S. Supreme Court

  • Associate Attorney for one of the Premier Personal Injury law firms in Chicago, IL 1997 - 2001

  • The Jasmer Law Firm (David S. Jasmer, LLC) Chicago, IL 2001 - present

  • Member of AAJ (American Association for Justice) (formerly ATLA)

  • Member of Interstate Trucking Litigation Group of AAJ

  • ITLA (Illinois Trial Lawyers Association), ISBA (Illinois State Bar Association)

  • CBA (Chicago Bar Association)

  • Lifetime Member of Million Dollar Advocates Forum

To contact lawyer David S. Jasmer, call 312-386-7011. You will not be asked to pay any attorney fees unless we succeed in getting you compensation.

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“What should I do after a truck accident?”

The few seconds of eerie silence following a collision are usually followed by questions racing through the mind: Am I hurt? Was someone else hurt? How bad is the damage? Who was at fault? Will insurance pay for this? 

While these questions and concerns are completely valid, it is critical to remain calm and follow a few simple tips to make sure an accident doesn't become a catastrophe down the road.

Call 911

The first thing to do after the truck accident is to immediately seek help from the police and other rescue personnel by calling 911. The sooner they are called the sooner they arrive and provide medical aid (if necessary). The faster the police arrive the better, they are able to investigate the accident, document what happened, determine fault and preserve evidence.

Move to Safety

Next, find a safe place to move you and your vehicle out of traffic. When moving isn't feasible, use your hazard lights to alert other drivers to avoid additional accidents. Once the hazards are on, stay out of the road and away from traffic until the police arrive and block off the area.

Seek Medical Attention

After an accident, your adrenaline may be high, and you may not initially feel the effects of a collision. However, it is extremely important to receive medical attention to know the extent of any injuries. Damage to your neck and back may not become apparent and may get worse over time. Moreover, being examined immediately after an accident will establish a time period for injuries, which could become a contested issue down the road.

Demand a Police Report

Once the police arrive, make sure they create a report. Police documentation will be crucial if the other party to the accident claims you were at fault. Insist that the police officer(s) take photos, and take some yourself. Photos will not only help show that damage to your vehicle was caused by the accident, but will help in filling out a crash report, which Illinois law requires for accidents causing death or damages over $1,500.

Get Insurance Information

Because insurance companies communicate to resolve claims, exchanging insurance information with the other driver is critical. Without it, your insurance company does not know whom to contact, which will either delay or dash your insurer's ability to collect from the at-fault party. With no insurance information, you and/or your insurance company may have to pay for the damages. If the other vehicle is a commercial truck, get the contact information of the company and the driver.

Find Witnesses

If a dispute arises over fault down the road, it will likely be your word against the other driver's. Having independent, third-party witnesses to corroborate your story may make all the difference. Before they leave the scene, get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of those who saw what happened as you may need to call them as witnesses if the matter goes to trial.

Do Not Admit Fault

It may be tempting to apologize to the other driver after an accident. You may not be sure if you did something wrong or contributed in some way to the collision. However, do not apologize or say anything that may be later inferred as an admission that you were responsible. You only know what you saw and experienced, so let the police and the courts look at the totality of the circumstances to determine who was truly at fault.

Contact the Jasmer Law Firm

Do not let an insurance company bully you into a settlement without first speaking to an attorney about your situation. Even your own insurance wants to pay out as little as possible for your accident. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of by an insurer trying to save a buck.

Car and truck accidents are stressful no matter who was at fault. 

Call us at 312-386-7011.

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Truck Accidents Are Not Like Car Accidents—and Here’s Why:

Truck Accidents Are Not Like Car Accidents—and Here’s Why:

While it may seem that there are few differences between car accidents and accidents involving semi trucks/18-wheelers, the fact is the two kinds of motor vehicle accidents are markedly different. Not only does the weight of the vehicle affect the potential injuries, but commercial trucks are held to much stricter regulations than passenger vehicles. Your trucking accident case will vary by applicable laws, insurance scenarios, state regulations, potential defendants, documentary evidence, and more. 

Why You Need An Experienced Chicago Truck Accident Attorney

Even an experienced car accident attorney will likely encounter difficulty in answering key questions that arise in trucking accidents: What insurance coverage is available? What defendants should you file a claim against? What federal regulations may apply to this accident, and which regulations were likely broken by the truck driver or the truck's owner?

The Chicago truck accident attorneys at The Jasmer Law Firm handle numerous truck accident cases with effective discovery and investigation techniques. The firm has won a combined $85 million in settlements and jury verdicts for injured clients.

Were you injured in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, construction truck, dump truck, garbage truck, rental truck or other large commercial vehicle? Contact The Jasmer Law Firm at 312-386-7011.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trucking Accidents

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, a truck is defined as “every motor vehicle designed, used or maintained primarily for the transportation of property” (from Understanding Size and Weight Laws, February 2024). Illinois law defines a truck accident as any collision involving a vehicle, as described above.

Commercial truck accidents are vastly more complicated than many people realize. Trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds—more than 30 times the weight of your car—which increases the potential injury for severe injury. Additionally, trucking accidents are sometimes the result of multiple parties’ negligence which means tracking down multiple lines of insurance with every defendant party. The truck accident injury lawyers at the Jasmer Law Firm specialize in complex cases involving large trucking companies. 

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reports that about 90% of all truck crashes are the result of human error. The main causes are alcohol and drug use, fatigue, and poor hiring and training procedures. Additional truck accident causes include:

More than half a million trucking accidents occur each year on American roads, resulting in roughly 5,000 tragic deaths. Many of these catastrophic events could have been avoided with proper attention, training, and safety measures. Fortunately, there is hope, call the Jasmer Law Firm to discuss your trucking case at  312-386-7011. We do not charge a fee until we recover money for you.

Illinois statute of limitation dictates that an injured party has two (2) years from the date of the truck accident to file a lawsuit for a personal injury claim. Moreover, a claimant has five years to file for property damage from the date of the incident. At the end of this statute period, you will not be able to sue any parties for compensation (though there are some exceptions). longer sue the at-fault parties or file for compensation. Talk to a truck accident attorney immediately if you have any questions about how the state statute of limitations applies in your case.

Yes. Every trucking company is legally required to carry liability insurance, at a minimum of $750,000 per vehicle. Some trucking companies choose to carry additional insurance on their fleet, sometimes as much as $5,000,000 per vehicle. Large interstate trucking and freight companies (Knight-Swift, XPO Logistics, FedEx, UPS, Old Dominion, J.B. Hunt, and others) generally have multimillion-dollar insurance coverage for every vehicle on the road. This insurance can be applied to medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Talk to a Chicago truck accident attorney to learn more.

The Jasmer Law Firm highly recommends that you never accept a settlement offer from an insurance company without speaking to a qualified trucking accident attorney. After a truck accident, you may be tempted to want to resolve your claim quickly to get back to your life. In the aftermath of a traumatic injury, particularly a brain injury, you may not be able to anticipate your future medical bills, the length of your medical recover, or how much discomfort and suffering the accident will have ended up causing you.

Always speak to an experienced Chicago truck accident attorney before settling your case. The Jasmer Law Firm is here for you at 312-386-7011.

Who pays your costs after a trucking accident can be a tricky question to answer. If the truck driver is found at fault, their employer is responsible for costs associated with your medical care. Trucking companies are required to have at least $750,000 of liability insurance for every truck on the road; some companies have up to $5 million dollars of liability insurance. Liability must be established to access these funds. Talk to a trucking attorney to begin your case; contact us now.

If you are interested in setting up a time to meet with attorney David Jasmer in our downtown Chicago office, please get in touch We don't collect attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you.