Apr 22, 2023

Why Truck Accident Cases Are Different from Car Accidents

Tractor-trailer driving down road

While it may seem that there are few differences between car accidents and accidents involving semi trucks/18-wheelers, the fact is the two kinds of motor vehicle accidents involve markedly different:

  • Laws
  • Insurance scenarios
  • Regulations
  • Potential defendants
  • Causes
  • Evidence
  • Documentary evidence/records

Even an experienced car accident attorney will likely encounter difficulty in answering key questions that arise in tractor-trailer accidents. What insurance coverage is available and what defendants should you file a claim against? And what federal regulations may apply to this accident and which regulations were likely broken by the truck driver or the truck's owner

Lawyer David Jasmer of The Jasmer Law Firm has handled numerous truck accident cases, has pioneered highly effective discovery and investigation techniques and has won a combined $85 million in settlements and jury verdicts for injured clients.

Our firm is highly knowledgeable regarding the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) that govern the trucking industry. We have successfully sued multiple defendants in numerous truck accident claims simultaneously and we are skilled at finding insurance coverage where other lawyers have failed.

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While our firm has handled literally hundreds of car accident cases, we have also handled numerous truck accident cases and have developed a national reputation as cutting- edge truck accident litigators. Our record best demonstrates our effectiveness; we recently won a record-shattering $20 million settlement for a truck accident client. For a no-charge legal consultation following a serious truck accident, contact our firm.

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