Mar 01, 2019

FMCSA to Expand Its Power When Dealing with Non-Compliant Companies

Commercial vehicle on highway

Tractor-trailers maintain a constant presence on Chicago's roadways. No matter where a person is headed, they can expect to be traveling alongside one of the vehicles. Motorists have to be sure that they are paying close attention to the behavior of semi trucks, because if any problems develop, it could potentially lead to a very serious accident.

A recent fatal trucking accident in Illinois was attributed to a driver who had allegedly been on duty for over 38 hours. Current rules restrict truck drivers to a maximum of 14 hours on duty, of which only 11 can be spent driving. This has led to questions about some of the procedures that this company has in place regarding driver logbooks.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has been struggling to enforce rules for all trucking companies across the country. Those with continued safety violations can sometimes escape punishment because the agency is not able to perform as many inspections as needed to catch these companies engaging in unsafe behaviors.

The FMCSA has announced plans to be more aggressive in monitoring smaller trucking companies currently in operation. In many cases, when one of these companies is observed violating rules, they will receive a fine or be ordered out of service until they take steps to correct the problem. Frequently, the trucking companies will simply rename themselves, and fail to comply with the agency's directives.

The proposed new rule gives the FMCSA power to put these new or renamed companies out of service as well. The agency is also allowed to penalize owners and officials working with the companies if they engage in a pattern of unsafe behavior. The FMCSA will be focusing on equipment violations as well as traffic tickets or accidents connected with drivers.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you might be uncertain about how you will be able to afford the medical care that you need. You may be eligible to recover compensation from the insurance providers of the trucking companies if they are responsible for causing your injuries.

It is extremely important that you seek medical attention after you have been in one of these crashes. Some injuries, such as head, shoulder and back injuries may be very difficult to diagnose initially. They could potentially become worse over time, and it may be hard to connect these injuries to the crash after the fact. You need to be able to demonstrate that these long-term problems directly resulted from your accident.

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